About us

Welcome to this website about car repair and car supplies. For many people, obtaining their driver’s license is one of the major events in their lives, comparable to getting married, buying a home or graduating from a school. Most people successfully get their driver licenses and then cars

often become an indispensable part of their lives. At the same time, most people know very little about how the machines that they can now drive work. They drive their car until something breaks down and then they go to a mechanic to fix it without realizing that regular, low-cost preventive maintenance can keep their cars running much longer and save them a lot of money.

This website is for you if you are trying to lower your maintenance costs, are tired of not knowing whether car mechanics are taking an advantage of you, or if you are in love with your car and want to start fixing it yourself or are simply looking for parts. By being able to do simple maintenance and diagnose potential issues before and when they occur, you’ll get a number of benefits, including earning the respect of your family and your mechanic.

Today cars are becoming more and more complex and often need special equipment for diagnostics. Because of this, the costs of servicing your car can be very high. The advantage of the complexity is that cars may need fewer repairs if everything is working properly.

When you know a lot about your car and its parts, you’ll be able to try low-cost solutions on your own first, before getting your car to a mechanic.